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With the Spider Catcher in your house, it’s easy to remove all spiders and other insects. The Spider Catcher is hygienic, environmental and animal friendly and easy to use.

The long handle ensures that you are on a save distance. And through the unique system of the Spider Catcher you will not see insects beaten flat on the wall. 


Spiders and other insects are everywhere around us. In the garden, at home, even hidden in your office and even worse, in the bedroom. The Spider Catcher is the solution for quickly and effectively remove all scary, crawling insects.

If you dislike spiders or other insects in your house and want to remove them without harm then all you need is the Spider Catcher. It works by surrounding the spider with bristles that close around the spider, the bristles harmlessly trap the spider, to allow you to pickup and release the spider outside.

The purpose of the Spider Catcher is to catch and remove spiders and other insects without harm, offering you a natural environmental pest control product.  

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